Nørrebrogade 67, 6700 Esbjerg


Church History

Apostolic Church: Esbjerg

The current building on Nørrebrogade was opened on the 10th December 1967.

The Apostolic Church had been present in Esbjerg since the 1920’s. The first meetings where held privately in the home of Baker Ole Nielsen and his wife Magdalene. In March 1927, the church is Esbjerg became an independent congregation and Ole Neilsen commissioned as its leader.

They originally met in the Brandts Hotel but have used several well known buildings over the years including the old Technical College on Englandsgade. In 1936 they moved to a property on Jyllandsgade 41 which they managed to purchase i 1951; This was where the church was based until 1967.

I 1967 Opened the current building, designed by Brincker and found on the corner of Nørrebrogade and Strandby Kirkevej.

The building, has a main church hall pointing East with windows facing south. This hall was modernised in 2011 and can hold 150 seats. The Cross was made by a local carpenter.

In the church you will also discover a traditional ‘church ship’ made by the piano maker Borregard. You will also find the baptismal tank for adult baptism in the front of the church.

The church basement provides space for many of our children and youth activities.

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