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Matthew Thomas (Matt). Pastor:  Married to Lena and the have 4 children. Matt is trained as a youth worker and Lena works as a social educator (pædagog). Matt has trained as pastor and has been in the ministry since 2000.
Tlf: 42419742

Jytte Isaksen: Chairman of the leadership team, convener and speaker. She is married to Lars. She is a a qualified speech pathologist and works for the University of Southern Denmark.
Tlf: 22898470

Troels Giversen: Secretary of the leadership team and leading deacon, responsible for the church website and GDPR responsible. He is married to Heidi. They have two adult children. Troels has several qualifications, the latest as a social educator (pædagog). He currently works as funeral director.
Tlf: 51236347

Helle Ottsen: Member of the leadership team, convener, speaker, leader of Juniors Meetings and leader of Family Network. She is married to Daniel. They have two children. Helle also trained as a pastor and is also a qualified social educator (pædagog). She works in an institution in Varde but also performs as a magician.

Patrick Nielsen: Pastor and member of the Leadership. He is married to Line. They have 1 child. He´s working as ingeneer. He is leader of Childrens Church, convener and speaker.
Tlf: 27840569

Hans Lautrup: Member of the Leadership. He is responsible for church finances. He is a part of the Worship Group. Together with his spouse, Carrie, they offer counselling and intersessing.
Tlf: 20444083

Andreas Jørgensen: Church Supervisor: His role to to advice the leader team and to be contactable for the church members, if needed.
Andreas is married to Lene. Together they have 6 children. Andreas is a part of the pastor team in ÅbenKirke in Herning.
Tlf: 53536114
Mail: anj@aabenkirke.dk 

Local Ministry Council:
As appendix to the Leadership, the church have a local Ministry council, which is a specific administrator and develops ministries. The Council includes Matthew Thomas (Pastor), Patrick Nielsen (Pastor) Carrie Lautrup (Prayer/intersession Coordinator), and Daniel Ottsen .

David Wright: Married to Birgit and works with IT. Speaker, leader of the young adults and Bible Study.
Tlf: 22538896

Heidi Giversen: Co-ordinating of church meals.
Tlf: 22271737

Henning Lauridsen: Co-ordinating of cleaning 
Tlf: 61303977

Hans and Carrie Lautrup: Intersessors

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