Nørrebrogade 67, 6700 Esbjerg



Whats a service like?

There are three main parts to every Sunday service: preaching, worship, and children. A regular service normally last 1.30 hrs.



A church is a body of people who minister to each other. One of the purposes of preaching is to equip us for that and inspire us to love each other better. This might mean you’ll learn some things on how to be a better person, how to have a better marriage, or how to be more fulfilled in life—however that’s not really the point. Because without Jesus, nothing matters. It’s because of Jesus that we can be a better person. Only Jesus can make a marriage better. And true fulfillment is only found in Jesus. This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus.





Mainly through music we take time to express our love, gratitude and thankfulness to God for all he has done for us. When we focus on Him, we remove our eyes from our own problems, and we end up being encouraged in the process. Music is part of the way in which we prepare our hearts and minds to hear the word and to respond to that word. God has blessed us with talented musicians who love Jesus and serve his church through original music and fresh takes on old hymns. Also, as part of our worship, we take communion together and give offerings to support God’s work. The atmosphere is casual, reflective, and open to all.





Our Children’s church is  serving children and helping them to grow in relationships with God and others. Each Sunday, your child will learn the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in an age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. Ultimately, the goal is to get kids excited about Jesus and to get families talking about Jesus together throughout the week.

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